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My name is Christoph Hörmann and I’m an independent musician from Austria.

Over the last few years I developed a diverse set of skills to write, record and produce my own music and make it accessible for everyone via internet. To put this knowledge to some good use I’m constantly trying to support others in achieving their musical goals and visions, be it as guitar teacher, composer or producer.

If you want to know more about me, have fun exploring my page.

  • Education

    High school diploma in electronics and IT at the HTL Steyr/Austria and a Bachelors degree in “composition for jazz and contemporary music” with focus at “music- and media-techonology” at Anton Bruckner private university in Linz/Austria

  • Instruments

    My main instrument is the guitar (e- and acoustic) and i also love to play the bass-guitar and I have some basic knowledge on piano & keyboard.

  • Bands & Projects

    With my main band “Mandatory” I’ve been active live and in the studio for over 10 years now. I alsowork on solo projects like “Retroman” and compose ambient-music and soundscapes.

  • Teaching

    I’m teaching guitar at the Musikschulungszentrum Bad Hall and in my blogposts I try to share my knowledge with everyone who’s interested.

  • Producing

    I have several years of experience as a freelancing audio engineer and in 2016 I started Dot.C Media with a few colleagues to do full scale audio-, and videoproductions.


Chris Hörmann - Void

Void is is a collection of five ambient tracks.

The songs convey a dark to exhilarating mood and are barely appropriate for every party-playlist, but everyone who is looking for unobtrusive sounds or just needs music to relax will indeed find some well-fitting tunes.

The tracks were produced using the Cubase Synthesizer Padshop Pro and were an outcome of my attempt to compose songs exclusively with a single VST-instrument.

Have fun with Void!

Chris Hörmann - Experimence

Experimence is the result of experimenting with the Cubase Synthesizer Retrolouge 2.

For a long time something led me to believe, that I can only make good music when I use the newest and hottest plugins and VST-instruments on the market (chapeau marketing departments). So i decided to create some songs exclusively with VST-instruments that are included in my DAW – Retrologue 2 in this case. It has been a very interesting process and I highly recommend this method to anyone who suffers from GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) or simply needs a creative boost.

Have fun and enjoy Experimence!

Retroman – Alive is a five track EP in the genre Chiptune/8-Bit!

While playing the incredible FTL I had the idea of writing some 8-bit style music. I couldn’t find any useful VST-instruments in Cubase so i started to search the internet and stumbled across the free synth TAL NoisemakerI was really surprised by the soundquality of this synthesizer and that it had all I needed to make some chiptune/8-bit music. On this songwriting-journey the five track EP Retroman – Alive came into being!

Have fun listening!

Mandatory - Catharsis Cover

Catharsis is the second studio album from Mandatory released in 2014.

The nine songs on Catharsis were recorded at the bands own studio in Linz and at Sepptember Studios in Steyr. The album was produced, recorded and mixed by Chris Hörmann and mastered by Michael Haider at Alpha Mastering. The new material is a development of the traditional Mandatory sound combined with new elements. On the LP the band tried to cover everything, from pounding Thrash- to epic Melodic-Death-Metal tunes.

Have fun listening to Catharsis!



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