An Overview of videos from my bands and projects. Here you can find musicvideos, animations, tutorials and every visual art that I personally created, that I was part of or that I contributed to.

Mandatory – Shadowmaker

Mandatory, Videos
Shadowmaker is a live-footage-video from Mandatory. The video was recorded by Andreas Borsodi & Bertram Huspeka at Kulturhaus Röda in Steyr and the cut was done by Mike Paffenhemer. You can find the song Shadowmaker on the album...

Mandatory – Condition Zero

Mandatory, Videos
Condition Zero is the official music vidoe to the song Condition Zero from Mandatory. Recording, production and cut of the video was done by  Openblend Mediahaus and the concept was written by Mike Pfaffenhumer. You can listen to the song Condition Zero on the album...

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